Healthy Diet Is The Key To Bladder Repair

Published: 01st July 2010
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Poor and Unhealthy diet plays a key role in causing most of the problems associated with the gall bladder. It depends upon the type and nature of the food those you take in that becomes the basis of different diseases like osteoporosis, kidney and colon cancer, dental caries and cardiovascular disease etc. but a diet containing low fat and lots of fresh vegetables and fruits with light exercise will save you from any kind of health issues.

When it comes to the gall bladder problems, most of the people try to get rid of the gall bladder and ultimately remove it from the body. It is not a better way to get healthy as it is necessary to treat the cause rather to disown it and simply remove it exposing your body to several kinds of digestive problems in the near future. Gall bladder removal can proved to be fatal as it may lead to the major problem like colon cancer keeping other factors in mind. Most important factor is the food which can drag you to the danger zone of all kinds of health problems.

As a normal function, gall bladder secretes bile in order to help in digestion of fats by breaking them down to simpler and soluble form. Gall bladder acts as a storage gland as liver does not calculate the amount which would be needed by the body at a specific time so it makes use of the gall bladder and store plenty amount of bile as a supply which is to be used when needed. But if you remove the gall bladder, the liver is obliged and forced to synthesis bile whenever needed and deliver it to the small intestine timely in order to digest the fat that has been consumed. But what happens is that as the liver cannot judge the amount of bile that has to be produced, sometimes it produces lesser amounts than the fats present in the small intestine. Due to this reason some of the fat is left undigested. This may result in the diarrhea, swelling and gas discharge.

After going through the gall bladder surgery, you will be conscious of the amount of the fat in your meals. You will need to switch to low fat meals. This is something that should be done long before when you came to know about your gall bladder problem. This may have saved you from the surgery and even have bladder repair. You need to watch every gram of the fat that you are about to eat. This is certainly quite hectic for many of us.

Diet is thus the best possible way for bladder repair and to treat the gall stones hiding there. This will keep you from surgery. Gall stones can be avoided by including high fiber intake in your diet with different fruits and vegetables. Foods like apples, artichokes, carrots, celery, barley, fennel, spinach, olive oil, lemons, grapefruit, beets, watermelon, broccoli and garlic are to be increased in your diet. Replace the red meat with white meat. Do take plenty of water as much as you can manage. You should give it a try before going for surgery.

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